Hi, I’m Simon a brand consultant and I’m here to help you achieve
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If you’re an agency or business leader of a startup, challenger brand or established business and at a tipping point in your development I can help you create a competitive advantage.
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With 30 years unparalleled strategic brand development experience with some of the worlds largest brands and making challenger brands household names, I have the expertise to help you to outmanoeuvre your competitors. Using a simple collaborative process to deliver commercial effectiveness, we’ll make your offer uniquely distinctive, highly memorable and unmistakably recognisable. You’ll become top of mind and gain more customers who buy more.
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Making you and your people better at what you do
Brand Strategy & Consultancy BRAND STRATEGY
Mentoring & Coaching MENTORING
Team Learning & Development TEAM LEARNING
Applying Neuroscience in Design APPLYING NEUROSCIENCE
  • A brand strategist, mentor, coach and design industry innovator.
  • An expert in creating challenger brands and global brand strategy in a diverse range of market sectors.
  • A pioneer of the application of neuroscience in design and communication.
  • An active academic and leading member of the design and marketing industry.
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